COVID 19 17 MARCH 2021 UPDATE: IN ACCORDANCE WITH ENGLAND ATHLETICS GUIDELINES CLUB RUNS WILL RE START ON MODNAY 29 MARCH 21.  In accordance with the guidelines this will be on a Covid secure basis and sessions will need to be pre-booked with limits of a a run leader plus 12.  However we will usually be able to split groups to accommodate more runners.  Pete will send an email with a link to the online booking form each Friday and this will include the full guidelines.  During this tie the schedule is slightly different to the normal schedule as set out in the training page.  This is expected to last until 21 June 2021 when current restrictions are due to be released.  

Uckfield Runners (previously Utopia Runners until September 2011) caters for runners of all abilities: from beginners and joggers who just want someone to run with once or twice a week, to runners who wish to compete on a regular basis. Our members compete in events ranging from under 5k to the full marathon. We are keen supporters of the Sussex Grand Prix and the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country league. Our abilities range from those that can run a 10k in under 40 minutes to those that take over an hour and to those who wouldn’t wish to run a 10k at all. All we look for is an interest in running whether to compete or just to get a bit fitter. From the slow sure jogger to the lean mean running machine, from the under 20 to the over 60 you are welcome to come along.

Currently we are running 7 sessions a week, 4 * 5k, a hills/reps session and 10k/12k and 10ile/12 mile weekend trail runs.  Under the Current Covid guidelins these must be pre booked.  Please see the TRAINING tab for full details of the sessions and how to book online.     

Pre Covid we run three groups:

  • Main group, for abilities from Joggers through to more serious competitive runners, which meets 7pm on Tuesday evenings at Freedom Leisure, Uckfield. More information >
  • Beginners/Joggers groups, for people who are currently non runners, beginners or joggers, which meets at 7.30pm on Thursday evenings and 9.30am on Mondays (term time only) also at Freedom Leisure. More information >
  • Track training on the second and fourth training each month at Eastbourne. More information >

It is currently expected that we will return to amore normal routine from 21 June 2021.  Whilst we do expect pre booking will no longer apply we may amend the above schedule in light of the popularity of some of the sessions operated during the Covid period when club running has been allowed. 

We are affiliated to the UKA (UK Athletics). Membership will give you a discount at most races.

Main group (Tuesday)
The main group undertake a mix of 'technical training' (Repetitions, hills, boot camp) and steady runs (typically 5 to 8 miles depending on you level: for steady runs the group is split for differing abilities). In the winter our training runs are within Uckfield but in the Summer we take advantage of the many trails in our area. We compete in number of events on road, off road and cross country from 5k to marathon.

In Covid this is replaced by the choice of a techanical Hills or reps session from Ukcifeld Rugby club at 6.30p (in the summer this is in Buxted Park) or a 5k run from Freedom Leisure also at 6.30pm).  There are also 10k to 12k runs 8.30am Satruday and 10 to 12mile 8.30am Sunday from Uckfield Rugby Club.  

Beginners/Joggers Group
For non runners or beginners the beginners/joggers group aims to assist you in reaching the stage of being able to jog for 45 minutes but having become a jogger you are welcome to remain in the group if you wish. If you are unsure feel free to join the Beginners/Joggers group and we will advise you if the main group might be more appropriate.

During Covid times any of the 4 5k groups are suitable for beginners.  Please see Training tab for full details

More information >

Which Group?
As a rough guide the starting level for the Main group is you can jog for 45 minutes without stopping (walking up steep hills permitted).There is some overlap between the group so for joggers any group is likely to be fine, the difference is more in emphasise, the Main group is geared towards 'training' and events (at whatever distance or level fits your requirements) whilst the Joggers group is more a social jogging group which is good for general fitness. If you are a jogger but would like to progress the Main group is more geared to achieving that but if you just wish to maintain fitness the Beginners/Joggers will be fine. You are also welcome to come to more than one of groups.

Further information
For bit more information on what we do click on the Training or Racing button to right or above. For details of what is coming up soon and recent past activities click on News, and for pictures from recent events click on Photos. If you are interested in the Beginners/Joggers group press the button to the right or above. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

The club is run by a Committee which consist of:

Peter Wilkes - Chairman and Run Leader (currently for Monday am 5k)
Richard Page - Finance Officer
Graham West - Events Officer and Website and Run Leader (currently Tuesday Reps, Saturday and Sunday trail runs and support for Thursday pm Victoria Park)  
Emma Hyland - Thursday Beginners Group Leader (currently run leader Thurs evening 5k Victoria Park)  
Dayle Bryant - Monday Beginners Group Leader and Run Leader (currently assists with Monday am 5k)
Chris Lugg: Club kit and Run Leader (Currently Thurs eve 5k Leisure Centre and assists with Tues 5k)
Sam Kedwards - Run Leader (Currently Tues evening 5k and assists with Saturday trail run)
Sarah Doole - Run Leader (Currently assists with Monday a 5k, Tuesday Eve 5k and Thurs Eve 5k Victoria Park)

Dan: Heathfield 10k 24 Jun 12
Graham: Heathfield 10k 24 Jun 12
Emma and Rachael: South Downs Way Marathon 10 Jun 12
Adele, Graham, Peter, Tanya and Milli Warren Hill Cross Country 11 November 2012

See more photos of runners in our club here.