Some race results are included below but also see Results tab for results for Uckfield Runners in recent races.

Well done to Mark, Peter, Tanya, Will, Fleur, Tara, Brian and Catherine ran the Tunbridge Wells half marathon. Times on the results page. Tunbridge Wells is an undulating course but the weather was ideal for running, sunny, unseasonally warm with little wind. In spite of this being a testing course three of our runners managed a PB, Mark, Will and Tara, no doubt the weather helped but is an excellent achievement on a course which is not usually one to choose for PB.

Eight Uckfield Runners competed in this event. It was Cold day but dry day. There was little wind but it was noticeable from about 4 to 7 miles. The event was well organised and in spite of a field of 7,500 runners was not too congested and water was readily available at the drik stations. The course is mostly fairly flat except for the climp from 3 to 5 miles up towards Rottingdean. However the sourse was actually 13.48 miles rather then 13.11 miles so adjusting to correct half marathon distance would tale about 2.5 to 3 mins off official chip times below. There are some notable results with Tanya finishing 5th in her class, Brian smashing his prevous PB of 2 hour 7min, Mark running well inside his target of 1hr 45 and Peter running an excellant sub 2hour (which taking account of the extended length was equivelent to 1hour 54). 

Graham West 1hr 39.06 (32nd M50) 

Mark Slaughter 1hr 40.15

Brian King 1hr 42.05

Jon Waite 1hr 47.15 

Kathy Gore 1hr 55.44 

Jon Collett 1hr 57.29

Peter Wilkes 1hr 57.40 (27th M60) 

Tanya Edmondson 2hr 03.29 (5th F60)

I attended this and it was a very good talk. We had an amazing turn out with about 70 attendees from clubs in the area. The talk theme was mental focus and 'postivity' in races to maximise performance. In particular that you slow down in relation to Rating of Perceived Excertion rather than a purely physical measurement and the concept of Race Focus Energy: as you run this depletes againt rather then purely physical aspects. Obviously you need to do the training but if you have the right mental attitude you can run to the best of your ability. Well done to Peter Wilkes for organsising it.

Peter and Brian went on Uckfield FM on the Saturday afternoon sports slot to promote the club and Brian talked about his upcoming London Marathon.

It is not just about running. To celebrate the clubs 20 year anniversary we had an eat all you want meal at the Wok Inn. Plenty eaten all round, personally I did not need to eat again until the following Wednesday. Four of the Founder members are still in the club, Peter, Richard, Sue and myself Graham.

Well done to Tanya in completing the Venice Marathon in a very respectable 4 hours 8mins 

The club name was changed from Utopia Runners to Uckfield Runners. We have always been based in Uckfield at the Freedom Leisure centre. The Freedom Leisure Centre was previously called Utopia Leisure Centre hence the name Utopia Runners but the name was changed to Freedom Leisure some time ago so it was decided to change the name.

The Heathfield Utopia team finished 4th out of 10 teams this year.

Well done to Graham West finished fourth in his age category Male 45 to 50, Tanya Edmondson who was 7th in her age category Female 55 to 60 and Ray Edmondson 7th for men over 65.

Again second place for Heathfield/Utopia. Excellant result

Ray Edmondson Finished 6th im the men over 65 category and Graham West finished 8th in his age category Male 45 to 50

The combined Heathfield Utopia Team finished a very credible second. Graham West of Utopia was second Man 40 for the season.