Some race results are included below but also see Results tab for results for Uckfield Runners in recent races.

Mark Slaughter 43.08 and Tanya Edmondson 54.17 completed the Phoenix 10k.

Just to a change here is a picture of someone with bikes instead of running. Well done to Peter and Tanya for completing this 170 mile bike ride over 3 days for the Alzheimer's Society.

In Peter's word:
Well we did it, 170 miles Coast to Coast. 
- Day one 55 miles - Starting at Workington with the traditional dipping of our bikes in the sea. The weather was cold & wet, cycling through wonderful countryside, passing Lake Windermere via Derwentwater with some very steep hills & on to our first overnight stop at Kendal. 
- Day two, 54 miles, the weather was a lot warmer & the sun actually came out!!! We cycled through the Yorkshire National Park & it was very hilly again to our second overnight stop at Richmond. 
- Day three, 61 miles, our longest day, weather cold & misty & very very hilly through the Dales & North Yorkshire Moors to the finish at Sandsend near Whitby

This trip was very well organised by the Alzheimer's Society with the help of Discovery Adventure. There were 33 cyclists doing this challenge & between us we have raised £30,000.00 so far. We would like to thank those of you who sponsored us & for those who haven't it's not too late on

This was cancelled due to heavy rain the day before causing some flooding on the course. Uckfield Lions hope to re-arrange for September.

Well done to Dan and Julia first team on the 2 person relay. I think we need to make Dan work a little harder next time? Anyway I think it was a lot of fun and hope everyone who took part enjoyed it.

Unusually for this event, and July generally, the weather was cool and wet and the course muddy in places. However perhaps better for running in than the searing heat of earlier years although personally I did not find the heavy down pour with 1.5 mile to go helpful. Still a very scenic event. Successfully completing the event were Graham West, Dan Reed, Brian King, Will Blanford, Catherine Harker, Fluer Blanford and Hen Browne.

Graham, Adel and Dayle ran the Weakest Link on this Weds evening as parts of joint teams with Heathfield. You run a 2.5k leg each then all run a fifth leg together, not sure where we came but a lot of fun. 

Strong turn out for the Heathfield 10k, pictured left to right Graham, Catherine, Emma, Peter, Dayle, Brian, Tanya, Dan. Mark, Ryan Will and Fluer also ran but missed out on the team photo. Please see the results page for times. This was followed by a Barbecue at Ray and Tanyas house. The rain held off making a very pleasant afternoon. Thank you to Ray and Tanya for their hospitality.

Tara Sinha, Emma Hyland and Racheal Hornigold completed the South Downs Way Marathon in 5hour 19 closely followed by Tanya Edmondson in 5hour 28. It is a tough off road Marathon (can't think any of it
 is flat) so well done. There are some pictures which I will get on the site when I get chance but may not be until the weekend

From the runners:
This trail marathon is organised by 2:09 Events – it was well organised and a very enjoyable day! This marathon starts and finishes in 2 different places, you park at the finish and you are bussed to the start, the start was staggered with the ‘slower’ (I do dislike this word!!) runners going out first, I can understand why this was done, but it must have been frustrating for the ‘faster’ runners coming through as they had to try and pass us on sometimes very narrow paths, there were a few tuts and groans on the way round!! The South Downs are beautiful and we saw some amazing views, the route was mainly trial – with some very big hills, with spectacular views, views that good we stopped for a photo session! We were very lucky with the weather, the sun shone all the way, the finish was in the Country park, there was a couple of places selling sports clothing, and a snack van – the promise of a burger at the finish (Tara had already told us of the ‘snack wagon’) was a great way to get through to the end, there was also a drinks and cake stand – so something for everyone, Tanya, Tara, Rach and I were trying to decided which was a better marathon Beachy Head or South Downs?? I think they are both very similar, the one thing that IS better at Beachy is there are more areas for spectators, the South Downs did not have a lot of chances for supporter to watch – but at the points that were accessible the crowds were great – especially Ray!!

We are now on Facebook: click here to check it out. Thanks to Brian for setting it up.

Peter Wilkes (2hr 8 mins, 9 mins quicker than last year, well done), Emma Hyland, Emma Flint, Rachael Hornigold, Hen Browne, Judith Pyett, and Ray Edmondson all completed the Seaford half marathon today.

Well done to Mark Slaughter who ran 3hrs 51.20 in the glorious sunshine. Particularly well done since this is just 5 weeks after running 3hrs 29 in the Brighton Marathon.

Excellent run from Dave Gibbs with a time of 3hrs 19mins

Well done to Tanya Edmondson 4hrs 13 and Brian King 4hrs 34 for completing the London Marathon.

Five of our runners completed the Brighton marathon. The conditions were good with a cool dry sunny day. The times were: Mark Slaughter 3hrs 29, Tara Sinha 3hrs 30, Jon Waite 3hrs 46, Lydia Godfrey 3hrs 57, Emma Hyland 4 hrs 17. Well done to all.

Excellent turn with Dave (1 hour 33), Graham (1 hour 38), Brian (1 hour 41), Tara (1 hour 43), Peter (1 hour 56), Tanya (1hour 57), Emma (2 hours 01), Rachael (2 hours 12) and Hen (2 hours 37) all successfully completing the course.

Mark (2 hours 37.29), Brian (2 hours 42.30) and Emma (3 hours 07.42) successfully completed the Worthing 20. Also Jon Waite ran the Surrey Spitfire 20mile in 2hours 50mins.

Tara, Hen, Rachael, Tanya, Emma, Richard B, Peter and Graham battled the elements in the Eastbourne half marathon. I ran along Eastbourne seafront last Sunday, the sun shone the wind non existant, spring had arrived, a fantastic day to be running along the seafront. Roll forward a week, how it changes, cold wet and windy. Unfortunately Richard had to pull out at miel 11 with a hamstring injury: hope you recover quickly Richard, but the rest of us completed the course. I will put the results on the results tabe once these are available.

Well done to Mark, Peter, Tanya, Will, Fleur, Tara, Brian and Catherine ran the Tunbridge Wells half marathon. Times on the results page. Tunbridge Wells is an undulating course but the weather was ideal for running, sunny, unseasonally warm with little wind. In spite of this being a testing course three of our runners managed a PB, Mark, Will and Tara, no doubt the weather helped but is an excellent achievement on a course which is not usually one to choose for PB.

Eight Uckfield Runners competed in this event. It was Cold day but dry day. There was little wind but it was noticeable from about 4 to 7 miles. The event was well organised and in spite of a field of 7,500 runners was not too congested and water was readily available at the drik stations. The course is mostly fairly flat except for the climp from 3 to 5 miles up towards Rottingdean. However the sourse was actually 13.48 miles rather then 13.11 miles so adjusting to correct half marathon distance would tale about 2.5 to 3 mins off official chip times below. There are some notable results with Tanya finishing 5th in her class, Brian smashing his prevous PB of 2 hour 7min, Mark running well inside his target of 1hr 45 and Peter running an excellant sub 2hour (which taking account of the extended length was equivelent to 1hour 54). 

Graham West 1hr 39.06 (32nd M50) 

Mark Slaughter 1hr 40.15

Brian King 1hr 42.05

Jon Waite 1hr 47.15 

Kathy Gore 1hr 55.44 

Jon Collett 1hr 57.29

Peter Wilkes 1hr 57.40 (27th M60) 

Tanya Edmondson 2hr 03.29 (5th F60)

I attended this and it was a very good talk. We had an amazing turn out with about 70 attendees from clubs in the area. The talk theme was mental focus and 'postivity' in races to maximise performance. In particular that you slow down in relation to Rating of Perceived Excertion rather than a purely physical measurement and the concept of Race Focus Energy: as you run this depletes againt rather then purely physical aspects. Obviously you need to do the training but if you have the right mental attitude you can run to the best of your ability. Well done to Peter Wilkes for organsising it.