Some race results are included below but also see Results tab for results for Uckfield Runners in recent races.

Hephzi completed the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World Florida.  The Goofy Challenge involves running a half marathon on Saturday and then a marathon on Sunday.  Just to do this is challenge enough but Hephzi ran excellent times in both races completing the Half Marathon in 1hour 45 mins and the full marathon in 3hours 25 mins.  An amazing performance, well done Hephzi.    

It was great to see such a strong turn out from the club at the Beachy Head Marathon on Saturday 25 October with 16 runners. Stuart Mills won the event in a time of 3hrs 08.05.  This is the eighth time Stuart has won the Beachy Head Marathon.  Hephzi Toby also put in a very strong performance finishing 7th lady in 3hrs 45.07.  Also running were: Graham West, Tara Johnson (1st Marathon), Tanya Edmondson, Chris Lugg (PB), Caley Pearce (PB), Pete Wilkes, Joanne Thornton, Dayle Bryant (1st Marathon), Catherine Harker (1st Marathon), Victoria Curd, Lynette Corke (1st Marathon), Judith Pyett, Sinead Taylor and Hen Browne.  See results tab for times. 

Stuart Mills won the 24th and last Jog Shop Jog, a downland 20 mile race, in 2hrs 19.27.  Hephzi Toby finished 3rd lady in a time of 2hrs 48.17.  In spite of its name this was no jog, a very scenic but very hilly run over the South Downs with features of the race including the North face (a steep ascent), The Big W (as you follow a W shape up and down a big hill), Death Valley (actually a welcome break from the hills) and The Snake (a 2 mile long winding hill).  Also running from Uckfield were Graham West 2hrs 59.35 (completing his 18th Jog Shop Jog), Pete Wilkes 3hrs 58.06, Tanya Edmondson 4hrs 58.32, Caley Pearce 4hrs 04.54 and Judith Pyett 4hrs 20.37.

Hephzi Toby put in a great performance to finish first lady in the Isle of Mann Marathon on 9 August 2015 with a time of 3hrs 37.  Well done Hephzi.

It turned out to be a rather wet and muddy Bewl 15 this year so looked like we had run cross country at the end. But still a lot fun. Running the Event were Graham West 2hr 02.50, Stewart Gasson 2hr 07.26, Andy Taylor 2hr 10.57, Martin Kennett 2hr 22.44, Clare Parkholm 2hr 26.34, Tanya Edmondson 2hr 49.26, Caley Pearce 2hr 50.57.

Afterwards was the club BBQ/Picnic for which the sun came out.

We are involved in organising this event with Uckfield and District lions. Results

Here is the new official Uckfield Runners yellow Gazebo making its first appearance. We are part of the Uckfield Sports Forum which helps to promote sport in Uckfield. Clubs from varous sports participate. As part of the event we ran two short runs around the field about 0.4 mile which ended up being run rather flat out, not the gentle jog I had envisaged. 

A good turnout with 13 running. A pleasant day for running cooler than some years and dry with little wind. From Uckfield, Lee Adams 41:12, Graeme Hall 42:45, Richard Coates 45:51, Stewart Gasson 48:30, Lee Siggs 48:57, Andy Taylor 50:18, Peter Wilkes 56.02, Tanya Edmondson 56:50, Sarah Ballinger 57:33, Christine Tait 1.01:21, Caley Pearce 1.04:04, Stephanie Pharo-Hanson 1.05:55, Ray Edmondson 1.09:45. 

We organise this even with Stuart Mills or Trail running Sussex. All three races start and finish in the village of Chiddingly and encompass the surrounding beauty of the Sussex countryside en route. The event proved to be popular with 57 compelting the Ultra, 50 the marathon and 210 the half marathon.

A pleasant day for this seafront 5 mile. From Uckfield Richard Coates 33.21 Graham West 33.51 Stewart Gasson 36.36 Sarah Ballinger 44.37

Graeme Hall 1hr 09.33 Lee Adams 1hr 11.12 Richard Coates 1hr 16.42 Lee Sigs 1hr 17.38 Darren King 1hr 18.03 Stewart Gasson 1hr 20.51 Badrinth Mohandas 1hr 21.50 Tara Johnson 1hr 24.52 Kate Fowler 1hr 26.47

Great turnout with 18 runners. Lees Adams, Andrew Stolton, Graham West, Stewart Gasson, Hephzi Toby, Andy Taylor, Court Page, Richard Page, Chris Lugg, Sarah Ballinger, Richard Coates, Dominic Geer, Peter Wilkes, Tanya Edmondson, Caley Pearce, Emma Flint, Ray Edmondson 

Kathy Gore 3hr 0.55

The sun came out for the last race of the season. A great result the joint Uckfield/Heathfield team finishies second on the day to secure a third place overall for the season. The final race consists one lap of a field than three main laps each with two sharp hills. Running today were Graeme Hall, Lee Adams, Lee Siggs, Graham West, Kate Fowler, Richard Page and Stephanie Pharo. This was Stephanies first race ever, not the easiest choice for a first race so well done Stephanie. 

It was a good turnout for the first Sussex Grand Prix event of 2015 with 13 running. Running were Lee Adams, Graham West, Richard Coates, Stewart Gasson, Chris Lugg, Sarah Ballinger, Karen, Peter Wilkes, Emma Flint, Caley Pearce, Judith Pyett, Ray Edmondson, Steve Pyett (first race ever).

Great to see another strong turnout today at the cross country with 17 running. The most we have previously had turn out for a cross is 16, so I spite of the cold a record turn out. Along with the rest of the field we all opted for the optional extra 1 mile to make it 6 miles, well got to get your monies worth Well done to all those who ranGraeme Hall 41.32 (9th) Stuart Mills 41.36 (10th) Lee Adams 42.37 Richard Coates 47.47 Lee Siggs 47.54 Graham West 49.08 Stewart Gasson 50.58 Chris Mills 51.58 Kate Fowler 55.35 Richard Page 55.43 Dominic Geer 56.45 Clare Parkholm 56.48 Catherine Harker 57.21 Peter Wilkes 62.49 Court Page 63.14 Sam Kedwards 70.30 Christine Tait. 72.09 

One race left for the season, Blackstock Farm, Hellingly on the 8th March. 

Not content with just running a marathon on a week end out Hephzi Toby decided to go all the way the Orlando for a benefit of a Half marthon then a full marathon the next day. Personally I find either plenty for one weekend. Well done Hephzie and great times too: Half Marathon 1hr 53

Full Marathon 3hr 56. 

Pett is a mix of field and woodland on an undulating course. With recent rain 'bit soggy' in places and especially muddy in the woodland parts. It was a fairly cold but bright day. It was a very competitive race with the Uckfield/Heathfeild team finishing 6th out of the ten teams (but just 10 point behind fourth place). However we are still third in the league. The next race is Ashdown Forest on 1 February and we will need a strong turnout to protect that third place. Running from Uckfield were, Graeme Hall, Lee Adams, Lee Siggs, Graham West, Richard Coates, Stewart Gasson, Kate Fowler, Clare Parkholm and Peter Wilkes.

The third race in the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country League was held on Sunday 28th December at Firle Beacon which is a downland course. It was a cold crisp day but in spite of the cold there was still a strong turnout with 206 runners. The course has a fast downhill section at the start for just over 1 mile than a long uphill for nearly 3 miles before a downhill for the last mile with the finish higher than the start. The combined Uckfield Runners/Heathfield Road Runners team finished in third place behind Lewes AC and Hailsham Harriers. This reinforces the Uckfield/Heathfield teams third position in the league with three races to go. Running from Uckfield were, Lee Adams 36.36, Graham West 41.02, Lee Siggs 41.08, Stewart Gasson 41.31, Richard Coates 43.38, Andy Stolton 43.44, Kate Fowler 45.09, Richard Page 47.53, Catherine Harker 48.00 and Peter Wilkes 52.41.

For most of us a marathon is challenge enough for a weekend, but not for Hephzi who ran the Christmas Dash on Saturday in a credible 38.37 min for the multi Terrain event the ran the Porstmouth marathon, in an also credible 3hrs 41 the next day. Well done Hephzi. Sarah Ballinger also ran the Chrismas pudding dash in 44.25.

This was our own event. The weather was good and the course muddy. An excellent result for the home team (Heathfield/Uckfield) finishing 2nd out of 10 teams which now move us up to third position after 2 events with four to go. Running from Uckfield Runners were:

Lee Adams 33.50, Graeme Hall 34.55, Lee Siggs 38.53, Stewart Gasson 39.00, Chris Mills 40.01, Dominic Geer 41.26, Richard Coates 41.30, Kate Fowler 42.32, Richard Page 43.01, Court Page 43.04, Julia Jones 43.07, Kathleen Southall 43.40, Clare Parkholm 46.15

Steve Southall 47.42, Alan Loyd 51.00, Tanya Edmondson 51.00.

Also thanks to all those from Uckfield who helped on the day, Ray Edmondson, Tanya Edmondson, Peter Wilkes, Catherine Wikes, Graham West, Lorraine West, Emma Flint, Caley Pearce, Wayne Covey, Judith Pyett, Steve Pyett, Jo Thornton, Chris Lugg, Dayle Byrant, Kirstine Kirby, Mio Kirby, Mike Pont, Stuart Mills and also Zoe Barnes, Herbie Barnes (Alsation), Gill Boorman and Louie Smith from Heathfield, Kevin from Crowborough and Bob.