Some race results are included below but also see Results tab for results for Uckfield Runners in recent races.

Another really good Christmas party at Crockstead as last year. There were 73 attending including 32 from out partner club Heathfield for good food, good company and some great dancing. A good evening had by all.

This was also our awards evening. Trophies were presented to

Highest placed males in the Sussex Grand Prix - 1st - Graham West 2nd - Richard Coates 3rd - Stewart Gasson 
Highest placed females in the Sussex Grand Prix - 1st - Catherine Harker 2nd - Rachael Hornigold 3rd - Sarah Ballinger 
Highest placed males in the East Sussex Cross Country League - 1st - Graham West 2nd - Richard Page 3rd - Chris Lugg 
Highest placed females in the East Sussex Cross Country League - 1st - Rachael Hornigold 2nd - Kathleen Southall 3rd - Lynette Corke

Flowers were presented to, Emma Hyland for running the Thursday beginnners/joggers group, Dayle Bryant for the Monday beginnners/joggers group and Lorraine West for acting as club photographer. A presentation was also made to Graeme Hall for the running the monthly Boot camp which in spite of some winging at the time is actually very popular and we all know it is great training to help improve our running.

A few photos are shown below. See Photos page for more pictures.

Either made of tough stuff so the thought of Palesgate Lane hill did not put off our runners (or perhaps they were not aware of it) with a strong turnout of 12 runners. This was the last of the Sussex Grand Prix events and is well know for two aspects the Ford and the immediately following Palesgate Lane hill, being a two lap course you get to enjoy both twice. Running from Uckfield were Grame Hall, Lee Adams, Graham West, Stewart Gasson, Chris Mills, Andrew Stolton, Dominic Geer, Catherine Harker, Chris Lug, Clair Parkholm, Peter Wilkes, and Sam (as in Samantha)

Strong turnout today at the Brighton 10k with 17 runners including a number from the Monday and Thursday groups. It was a good day for running dry, little wind and 10c. The finishers were, Graham West 42.40, Stewart Gasson 43.41, Hephzi Toby 45.43, Ian Ballinger 47.09, Richard Page 47.39, Dominic Geer 47.54, Chris Lugg 49.45 (PB), Gemma Salter 50.45, Peter Wilkes 51.57, Sarah Doole 54.07, Dayle Bryant 54.23, Jo Thornton 54.23, Rebecca Pettit 61.23 (PB), Laura Grove 61.48, Ray Edmondson 66.00, Kassie Smith 76.35, Lorraine West 88.22 (First 10k). If anyone has been missed off please email the club. 

Stewart Gasson had a good run in the Eastbourne Parkrun with a tie of 21.51 coming 2nd in the M35 to 40 category. Sarah Ballinger ran the Bexhill Poppy 10k in a personal best of 53.30, well done Sarah/ Hephzi Toby ran the Bexhill Poppy half marathon finshing 2nd in her age category. 

On Sunday a club run was organised to the remembrance service at the Airmans Grave at Ashdown Forest at which the club was laying a wreath. There was a strong turnout for the run with about 20 runners. The sun shone and it was a super day for the run. The option were the main group for a run of about 6 miles round trip from Fairwarp or the option of a longer 17 mile round trip from Buxted. Hephzi opted for the longer run in spite of having run the Poppy half marathon the day before, either dedicated or just a glutten for punishment. 

A good turn out from both Uckfield and Heathfield, our partner club for this first race of the season. There were 13 runners from Uckfield, Graeme Hall 32.22, John Darchez 37.43, Graham West 38.00, Lee Siggs 38.46, Chris Mills 39.31, Stewart Gasson 40.00, Kate Fowler 40.35, Kathleen Southall 42.31, Catherine Harker 44.05, Claire Parkholm 44.30, Richard Page 44.37, Peter Wilkes 47.02 and Alan Loyd 48.05. Heathfield had 18 runners so that is 31 in total.

We had three runners complete the Beachy Head Marathon, the most notable being Stuart Mills coming in sixth overall with a time of 3hr 09.37 and amazing performance. Hephzi Toby also put in a strong performance with a time of 4hrs 08.34. Graham West also ran finishing in 4hours 51.45.

On Sunday Hephzi Toby and Graham West ran the 20 mile off road Jog shop Jog, with Hephzi finishing in 3hrs 02 as 3rd lady and Graham in 3hrs 08. This was Hephzi's first run of the event and Graham's 17th. The rain held off for the event, and the weather was good but the course was wet in place including 'wadding' through a puddle at 4 miles. 

Kate Fowler and Ian Ballinger Ran the Eastbourne Parkrun on Saturday. Kate finished first in her age category in a time of 22.58. Ian also had a good run running a PB in 23.18.

Lorna Ford completed the Bournmouth Marathon in 4 hours 42 minutes. Well done Lorna. Lewes 10 saw 4 Uckfield Runners completing this very hilly downland run on a super sunny day, Lee Sigss, Graham West Richard Coates and Stewart Gasson. A sautrday Kate Fowler and Lorraine West ran the Eastbourne Parkrun. Since this was the first Saturday of the month pacemakers were provided from 21 to 35 minutes with Graham West assisting as the 35 minute Pacemaker. 

Graeme Hall had a good result in an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) UK Championships that I took place on 27th September at the Hop Farm, Kent. He came 21st out of 501 runners, (330 Males), and came 3rd Vet40, just 6 seconds behind the 2nd Vet. This also entitled him to a place in the world championships in the USA at the end of the month, but he said that he will probably give that one a miss. Well done Graeme.

Graham West, Hephzi Toby, Nick Poole & Sarah Ballinger ran the Barns Green half marathon in unusually hot weather for this time of year. On Saturday Stewwarst Gasson ran the Clar Parkrun in Haywards heath in a personal best time of 22.46 coming first male 35 to 39: great resutls Steard. Kate Fowler and Lorraine West ran the Eastbourne Parkrun. Kate ran a PB in 21.46. Well done Kate. Lorraine ran 41.52 a massive improvement on 43.27 the week before.

A fair turnout of 7 runners for this event: Lee Siggs 43.13, Graham West 43.27, Richard Coates 43.38, Stewart Gasson 45.00, Hephzi Toby 47.30, Richard Page 48.30, Ian Ballinger 48.52. Lorraine West ran the Eastbourne Parkrun in 43.27.

A good turn out with 10 runners in the Hellingly 10k Lee Siggs 45.44, Richard Coates 45.58, Stewart Gasson 47.11, Chris Mills 47.43 his first ever race, Kate Fowler 49.22, Catherine Harker 50.15, Richard Page 50.48, Chrss Lugg 51.33, Peter Wilkes 54.33, Court Page 59.50

Few notable results, Kate Fowler was first lady (in 23.05) in the Thetford parkrun on 30 August. The men cannot quite compete with that but Graeme Hall was third male 40 in the Eridge 10 7 September (1hr 15 very quick on a very demanding off road course), whilst Stewart Gasson was 3rd Male 35-39 at Clair Parkrun Haywards Heath on 30 August in 23.02 and Graham West ran a PB of 20.33 at Eastbourne Parkrun on 6 September to finish 3rd male 50-54. It is also god to see our beginners/joggers particiapting with Jackie Penfold finishing in 41.51 and Lorraine West completing the Eastbourne Parkrun on 6 Septembe in 44.17 following a break due to injury.

Well done to Tanya who represented Great Britain in her age category in the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Edmonton Canada this weekend (Aug 29) finishing a very credible 16th out of 39 finishers.

23 mile bike ride,  a run upto Pen y Fan (9 miles) a 3 mile carat and then another 23 cycle home. 

Chris Tatnell as part of 4 man team, 10th out of 96 teams. Well done Chris.

We had a good turn out at the Seaford Half Marathon this morning, with Tanya, Emma Flint, Caley, Christine, Fleur, Judith & Peter. Peter described 'this as very hot but such a lovely route over the downs & along the river from Alfriston'. Also Beckie Pettitt went all the way to Southend to run a Half marathon with her husband today.

The Uckfield have a go sports day is a day for the general public to try various sports/activities. Graham, Lorraine and Dayle had a gazebo at the event to provide information and speak to people who might be interesed in running. We also did a short run/jog at 11am and 2.30pm. Reasonable interest was generated in the club with 10 people showing real interest so hopefully we will so some new faces over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

The Weald Challenge Trail Races were organised by Stuart Mills in conjunction with Uckfield Runners. The event was a great succes with 310 runners competing over the three distances. Thank you to all those who assisted in marshalling.

Richard Coates and Catherine Harker ran the Rye 10 miler on Sunday 25 May. This is a hilly road course. Richard 1hr 19:17 Catherine 1hr 22:30. Further afield Sonia Edmondson ran the Edinburgh Marathon on Sunday in a credible time of 4 hours 22 minutes, well done Sonia.

Rachael Hornigold, Tara Twymann, Emma Flint, Tanya Edmondson, Sonia, Edmondson, Caley Pearce, Judith Pyett ran the Three Forts marathon. A very tough very hilly 27 plus miles over the Downs. Chris Tatnell and Ray Edmondson ran the half marathon.

Also on Sunday 04 May was the Haywards Heath 10 mile which was completed by Lee Siggs 77.47, Catherine Harker 82.58, Richard Page 84.45, Peter Wilkes 95.34.

For most of us doing one marathon is challange enough and may do either Brighton or London but Rachael Hornigold and Tara Twyman opted to do both which are on successive weekends so taht is 2 marathons in 8 days. When I used to run Road marathons all I could do was a short jog the next weekend: not only did they complete both they ran good times in both, Rachael Brighton 3hours 46 London (PB) 4hours 01, Tara Brighton 3hours 46 London 3hours 44 (managing the run teh second one even quicker).

This should not distract from the great achievement of out other runners who (wisely) elected to complete either Brighton or London. All runers for Brighton, Tara Twyman, 3hours 46.24, Rachael Hornigold 3hours 46.25 (PB), Martin Kennett (3hours 56.44, well done getting inside 4 hours), Emma Hyland 4 hours 00.15 (so close to cracking 4 hours) Chris Lugg 4hours 24.05 (PB by 21 minutes well done Chris), Emma Fliont 4hours 56.36, Caley Gibson 4hours 56.37. For London, Tara Twyman, 3hours 44.24, Rachael Hornigold 4hours 01 (PB). Kirstine Kirby 4hours 02 

Great turn out at the Hastings half marathon today with 17 runners: Jason Hillier, Graeme Hall, Andy Stolton, Graham West, Nick Wright, Rachael Hornigold, Tara Twymann, Vicki Curd, Emma Hyland, Tanya Edmondson, Chris Lugg, Peter Wilkes, Sarah Ballinger, Caley Pearce, Emma Flint, Hen Browne (PB Beginners/joggers) and Sinead Taylor (PB Beginners/joggers). Well done all. If I have missed anyone please let me know.

Lorraine West from Dayles Monday Beginners/joggers continues the onslaught on her parkrun PB with another PB of 40.08. 

4 Uckfield Runners ran the Eastbourne parkrun on Saturday, Kathleen Southall 23.11, Gary Roach 23.12 (PB) and from the beginner/joggers group Kassie Smith 31.55 (PB) and Lorraine West 40.34 (PB) 

Very pleasant day, nice to be back running in shorts and vest. Well done to Rachael, Graham, Tara, Martin,Tanya, Caley & Emma F on completing the event.