Some race results are included below but also see Results tab for results for Uckfield Runners in recent races.

Great turn out for the Eastbourne half marathon today with 19 runners: Graham West, Dominic Geer, Nick Wright, Chris Tatnall, Lee Siggs, Tara Twyman, Rachael Hornigold, Court Page, Charlotte Menzies, Richard Page, Vicki Curd, Emma Hyland, Catherine Harker, Chris Lugg, Alex Lickorish, Dayle Bryant, Lorna Ford, Rebecca Stonebanks, Sarah Ballinger.

In the Tunbridge Wells half marathon today, Sonia Edmondson ran 1.55. And a bit further afield in Bruges, Tanya ran 1.21 & Ray 1.56 in a 10 mile race.

On Saturday Lorraine West from Dayle's Monday beginner/joggers group ran her 5th PB in a row in the Eastbourne Parkrun running a time of 40.58 knocking an amazing minute and a half off her previous PB. The beginners/joggers group will be doing a club attendance at the the next Eastbourne Parkrun on Saturday 8 March.

Muddy course but the weather was mild and dry. Some of those hills were pretty mean. A good turnout from Uckfield with 10 runners. Running were Graham West, Martin Kennett, Rachael Hornigold, Tara Twynman, Kathleen Southall, Richard Page, Tanya Edmondson, Nikki Maher, Peter Wilkes and Lynette Corke.

Overall for the season the joing Uckfield/Heathfield team did well with a 4th finish out of ten teams and just 1 point behind Eastbourne/Seaford. In terms of individuals it was the ladies that dominated this year with Tanya finishing first in her category, other top ten finishes are Lynette 6 Senior ladies, Rachael 6th Lady 35 and Kathleen 7th lady 45. Well done ladies.

Another good turn out from Uckfield with 16 runners completing the Brighton Half Marahton. Garry Dalby 1hr 28.33, Jason Hillier 1hr 29.28, Mark Slaughter 1hr 33.2, Shaun Furlong 1hr 39.06, Graham West 1hr 41.06, Alex Lickorish 1hr 41.20 (PB), Rachael Hornigold 1hr 43.26, Tara Twyman 1hr 43.3, Tara Johnson 1hr 43.38 (PB), Brian King 1hr 46.53, Kevin Burnham 1hr 52.02, Jo Nash 1hr 56.01, Dayle Bryant 1hr 57.03 (PB), Lyndsey Slaughter 1hr 58.24, Kathy Gore 2hr 48.00, and well done to Nikki Beard from the begnners/joggers group 3hr 14.27

There was a good turnout from Uckfield Runners for the Chichester 10k on Sunday with 16 of our runners running this gently undulating course.   The weather was reasonable, dry (makes a change not to be getting west) but it was windy and quite cold, I needed thosse long sleaves.  This is the first race in the 2014 Sussex Grand Prix Calendar, (runners need to complete at least 8 races from a schedule of 20 races from 5k to 20 miles: see races tab for more details).  Graham West was first home in 44.01 followed by Racheal Hornigold in 46.52. Next in was Catherine Harker achieving a personal best time of 48.14.  Catherine finished second in her lady 35 to 44 age category for 2013 having collected her trophy at the presentation on on Friday 7 February.  It was also good to see two of Dayles Monday beginners group completing their first 10k, Sinead Taylor and Emma Tolson: well done ladies.  Also running was Ray Edmondson now competing in the Men over 70 category and still going strong.  The finishers from Uckfield Runners were:  Graham West 44:01, Rachael Hornigold 46:52, Catherine Harker 48:14, Sonia Edmondson 50.18, Rebecca Stonebanks 51:02, Charlotte Menzies 51:06, Tanya Edmondson 51:17, Christopher Lugg 51:11, Dayle Bryant 53:25, Peter Wilkes 53:52, Emma Hyland 54:25, Lorna Ford 56:22, Sarah Ballinger 60:06, Sinead Taylor 64.26, Raymond Edmondson 67:41 and Emma Tolson 69.02.

The rain held off and the sun came out for this rather muddy and hilly 5 mile cross country. Excellent team result of second place for the joint Uckfield/Heathfield Team. Well done to Graham West, Kathleen Southall, Andrew Stolton, Richard Page, Lynette Corke and Chris Lugg. 

To celebrate the first anniversary of the Uckfield beginners group a club attendance at the Eastbourne Parkrun 5k was arranged. Gary Roach, Kassie Smith, Alex Butcher, Sarah Cooper, Caroline Penny and Nikkie Beard and Lorraine West all ran from the Monday and Thursday beginners group supported by the group leaders Emma Hyland (Thursday Group) and Dayle Bryant (Monday Group) and also Rachael Hornigold and Tara Twyman from the main group. This was their first Parkrun for all except for Lorraine for which it was her fifth and she reduced her personal by 2 minutes. 

With the Pett cross country cancelled there were no races this Sunday so a joint training run with Heathfield was organised on the South Downs Way (legs 3 and 4 of the relay). Cold to start but a dry day and a good turnout with 15 runners for the 12 mile training run. A very scenic run With runners of differing pace there were regular stops to ensure no one was left behind. 

This event was hosted by Uckfield Runners. In fact the first time the club has fully hosted an event (we used to co host the Wealden Whizz with what was then the Utopia Centre). The event ran well and we have had plenty of positive feedback. So well done to all of those who helped to put this event on. The core sub committee Graham, Peter, Ray and Tanya and all those who helped with marshalling, parking, registration, finishing and refreshments. There was heavy rain all day Saturday and early Sunday but fortunately it stopped for the race itself. However this did ensure the course was very muddy: a proper cross country.

It is of course one of the league races show it was also important that we continued to have a strong turn out running the event. We run the league as a joint team with Heathfield and had our best result this season so far finishing third overall. So also well done to Nigel Gates (finished 7th overall and first male 60), Kevin Burnham, Racheal Hornigold, Chris Lugg, Catherine Harker, Tanya Edmondson, Beckie Stonebanks, Lynette Corke and Sarah Cooper.

It was good to see Nigel Gates running in yellow. Most of you will know of Nigel but for those who do not apart from being a very formidable runner Nigel was involved in originally setting up Uckfield Runners (or as it was them Utopia Runners). In those early days Nigel would train with us and we were always keen to hear the advice he would offer and the encouragement to develop our running.

Also well done to Sarah Cooper from Emma's Thursday beginners group completing her first cross country.

As is traditional we went checking out the best Christmas lights in Uckfield appropriately

Four Uckfield runners ran the Eastbourne Parkrun. Lorraine West from Monday beginners group ran this as her first race, she did very well and ran all the way in a time of 45.59. Before joining the Dayle's group Lorraine was a none runner so well done to Dayle for helping Lorraine to be able to run this far. This is an ideal event for any beginners as a first 'race'. Also of note was Nikki Maher who ran a PB of 27.05. Also running was Graham West (21.54) and Martin Kennett 29.05.

It isn't just about running. We had 58 attend the Chistmas meal and dance this year including 15 from our partner club Heathfield Road Runners. An excellent meal was followed by a few presentations and then a disco until midnight.

Most improved Runner John Reddyhof trophy: Charlotte Menzies, and well deserved.The awards were:

Sussex Grand Prix Ist Male Mark Slaughter, 2nd Male Graham West, Ist lady Catherine Harker, 2nd Lady Tanya Edmondson
Flowers were presented to, Emma Hyland and Dayle Bryant for setting up the very succesful beginners groups and Lorraine West for her contribution in taking photos at various races through out the year. 

Another good turnout with 9 from the club in the Crowborough 10k. There is only one big hill on this route, problem is you do it twice and it is big: this is not a fast course. Also the ford was open this year, always a highlight to run through the ford. Running from Uckfield were Mark Slaughter 42.53, Shaun Furlong 43.49, Graham West 47.04, Alex Lickorish 48.03, Lyndsey Slaughter 54.30, Tanya Edmondson 54.50, Peter Wilkes 57.33, Sarah Ballinger 64.24, Becky Pettit 71.54. Well done to Becky for choosing this for her second 10k.

Super day for a run, bit dull but mild dry and little wind. Good turnout from the club with 11 runners including two from the beginners group well done Becky and Mitch which was for both there first 10k. Also well done to Mark and Dayle who both ran PBx. The runners were Mark Slaughter 41.05, Alex Lickorish 43.13, Graham West 43.43, Tara Johnson 47.55. Tanya Edmondson 52.55, Dayle Bryant 54.09, Sarah Ballinger 57.34, Ray Edmondson 61.03, Becky Pettit 66.03, Michele Pettit 69.32. Unfortuantely no phots today, Lorraine took her camara (she said mine was too bulky) took pictures of us all only to find out the camara was no longer working. That's a new camara for Christmas then. 

Our strongest turn out yet with 16 of our runners turning out. It was a reasonable day with the sun shining if a bit cold and windy, but it is November. Running from Uckfield were in alphabetical order: Andrew, Beckie, Catherine, Charlotte, Chris, Dayle, Graham, Kathleen, Lynette, Mark, Martin, Nikki, Rachael, Richard, Sarah B and Tanya. Well done to all of you, really good to see so many of our runners supporting the cross country this season. And we mustn't forget Lorraine and young Eva (Harker) taking photos today (see photos tab for more pictures).

Good turn out for Uckfield with ten of our runners completing this very hilly downland Marathon including Sarah and Donna from Emma's beginners group: well done to both of you and to Emma. Completing the race were Rachael Hornigold 4 hour 30min Tara Twyman 4hour 33min, Kevin Burnham 4 hour 37min, Tanya Edmondson 5hour 29min Will Blandford 5hour 54min, Fleur Blandford 5hour 54min Caley Gibson 5hour 58min Chris Lugg 6hour 08min Sarah McGregor 7hour11min and Donna French 9 hour 15min.

There are six races in all for the session. The first race is on 13 October at Whitbread Hollow. As with all the events this is about 5 miles. This event and the second event on 10 November at Firle are Chalk downland and free draining: accordingly these events are suitable for Road shoes so are good events to do if you have not previously tried cross country and do not have off road shoes. You can run the later events in road shoes but the courses can be muddy and off road shoes give better traction. See Events, Cross country for further details. 

For the first time we will be hosting an event this year: the third event on 15 December at New Place Farm near Framfield. Whilst I would not wish to discourage anyone from running the event we will need marshals so if youare able to marshall or have other halves, offspring, parents, friends who would be interested in marshalling please let Peter or Graham know. 

Unusually warm day with temparatures of 21c for a busy Sunday of Racing. Mark Slaughter, Graham West, Catherine Harker, Peter Wilkes and Tanya Edmondson ran the very hilly Lewes Downland 10 mile and Ray Edmondson competed in the 5 mile event.

Charlotte Menzies had a brillaint run in the Forest Row 5k finishing first lady. Well done Charlotte. Also running the 5k was Maxine Thomas and Dayle Bryant. Whilst Sarah Ballinger, Charlotte Munro and Denise Tidd ran the Forest row 10k. Denise is from Emma's Thursday group and this was her first race, congratulations on completing your first race.

It was avery pleasant warm day for this room over an undulating course through country lanes. The route includes running through Christs Hospital school where a band was playing to encourage the runners. Graham, Jo (Oulton), Charlotte and Beckie ran from Uckfield Runners.

Dayle completed the leadership in running fitness course earlier in the year (this is a course specifically aimed at beginners/improvers) and has been helping Emma with the Thursday group. Dayle will start a new beginners group on Mondays at 9.30 am (term time only) from Monday 9 September. The group will meet at Freedom Leisure, outside reception. Best of luck Dayle. If you are interested in joining this group or know someone who is, click on the beginners tab above for more information, contact the club as detailed at the bottom of the page.

The rain threatened (and was torrential on the way) but held off to make a very pleasant day for the Hellingly 10k. Mark, Graham, Charlotte, Catherine and Sarah ran from Uckfield. This was Graham's 100th 10k, the first as in April 1992 followed later in that month by what as far as I know is the one only road race in Uckfield a one off Uckfield 10k.

Also well done to Rachael & Tara who ran the "Run to the beat" half marathon in London today in a time of 1.48.

Further afield Ray and Tanya Edmondson competed in the Poppy races in Albert, France. Tanya ran in the hilly half marathon course in 1hour 55mins finishing first in her age bracket (born in the year 1953 to 1944) and was presented with a large Trophy. Ray competed in the 10k event finishing second in his age category (born before 1944). Congratulations to Ray and Tanya for such a good result. 

Seven of our runners ran the Will Page 10k, Mark Slaughter 42:34, Graham West 45:08, Charlotte Menzies 49:58, Sarah Walker 50:42, Tara Johnson 51:43, Rebecca Stonebanks 54:26, Martin Tolson 57:54. There was also the Kings Head Canter on bank holiday Monday which Peter Wilkes (25.59) and Tanya Edmondson Ran( 26.10)