Some race results are included below but also see Results tab for results for Uckfield Runners in recent races.

Dayle completed the leadership in running fitness course earlier in the year (this is a course specifically aimed at beginners/improvers) and has been helping Emma with the Thursday group. Dayle will start a new beginners group on Mondays at 9.30 am (term time only) from Monday 9 September. The group will meet at Freedom Leisure, outside reception. Best of luck Dayle. If you are interested in joining this group or know someone who is, click on the beginners tab above for more information, contact the club as detailed at the bottom of the page.

The rain threatened (and was torrential on the way) but held off to make a very pleasant day for the Hellingly 10k. Mark, Graham, Charlotte, Catherine and Sarah ran from Uckfield. This was Graham's 100th 10k, the first as in April 1992 followed later in that month by what as far as I know is the one only road race in Uckfield a one off Uckfield 10k.

Also well done to Rachael & Tara who ran the "Run to the beat" half marathon in London today in a time of 1.48.

Further afield Ray and Tanya Edmondson competed in the Poppy races in Albert, France. Tanya ran in the hilly half marathon course in 1hour 55mins finishing first in her age bracket (born in the year 1953 to 1944) and was presented with a large Trophy. Ray competed in the 10k event finishing second in his age category (born before 1944). Congratulations to Ray and Tanya for such a good result. 

Seven of our runners ran the Will Page 10k, Mark Slaughter 42:34, Graham West 45:08, Charlotte Menzies 49:58, Sarah Walker 50:42, Tara Johnson 51:43, Rebecca Stonebanks 54:26, Martin Tolson 57:54. There was also the Kings Head Canter on bank holiday Monday which Peter Wilkes (25.59) and Tanya Edmondson Ran( 26.10)

Six of our runners completed the Bexhill 5k on Wednesday eveing 31 July. This is a fast flat seafront course of two laps. First home was Charlotte Menzies 22.53 followed by Catherine Harker 23.33, Tanya Edmondson 24.31, Peter Wilkes 24.57, Rebecca Stonebanks 26.09 and Martin Tulson 26.39. Well done to all.

Graham West competed in the Snowdon Fell race on Saturday. There is just the one hill in this race which starts in Llanberis goes 5 miles and 1085 metres (3550 feet) to the top of Snowdon where you turn around and come back down. in Graham' s. This is the fourth time I have done this race and the hottest yet, the first time it has not been cold and you had a clear view at the top: took a brief look before descending. The uphill is a long slog, covered by a mix of slow running and fast walking. The down hill is actually very challanging, there is a very steep bit near the top, loose chale then large boulders: I always lose places on that part, I don't know how some of the guys get down so quick. After that initial steep bit I held my own. You get to about half mile from the end and there is the only level part of the course about 1/4 mile of road, there were a couple of guys not far ahead who were running quite slow, the problem is when you get there after 4.5 miles down hill your legs just don't work any more, I just ended running slow behind them: but no one overtook me because then everyone else was running slow. I went up in 1hour 12 and came down in 41 min, 1hr 53 in total, the winner had finished before I got to the top. I was the only one from Uckfield but there were also four from Heathfield Paul Rigden, Cedric Clemerson, Graham Chapman and Mick Elms. 

Well done to Tanya, Mark & Charlotte for running the Phoenix 10k last Wednesday evening in very hot & humid conditions.

Another day for working on the tan. This a scenic course through Buxted Park and Views Wood with three climbs up to the Buxted Park Hotel. Not a quick course with a winner completig the course in 41.57. From Uckfield Runners were Graham West 50.31, Andrew Stolton 51.16, Charlotte Menzies 53.33 (4th lady), Brian king 56.57, Richard Page 58.12, Rebecca Stonebanks 63.04 and Christine Tate 66.51.

Certainly was a hot one for the Bewl 15 this year. Jason Hillier, Graham West and Catherine Harker completed the course and improved their tans. In spite of the heat Jason managed to complete the course in under 2 hours with a time of 1hr 56.

It was good to see a strong turn out for our partner club's 10k. Running were Jason Hillier 42.18, Mark Slaughter 43.37, Jay Hillier 45.40, Graham West 45.47, Andrew Stolton 47.16, Charlotte Menzies 51.29, Catherine Harker 52.29, Peter Wilkes 54.56, Rebecca Stonebanks 55.44, Christopher Lugg 60.02, Sarah Ballinger 61.31, Christine Tate 61.59

The race was followed by Uckfield Runners club Barbecue for which fortunately the rain held off in spite of threatening forecasts earlier in the week.  After the race it was relaxing afternoon with about 35 attending. During the Barbecue presentations were made for the club award for the highest scoring runners in the 2012/13 Sunday Cross Country League.  Catherine Harker won the ladies award and Graham West the mens award.

There was a good turn out for this event. This is an off road downland event, very hilly so a lot slower than a road marathon. Even the winner took 1hr 29.58. First home from Uckfield was Graham West in 1hr 49.34 followed by Brian King 2hrs 01.10 and then the first of our ladies Dayle Bryant 2hr 14.38 running with Peter Wilkes 2hr 14.39 (pictured). This was Dayle's first half marathon, so well done Dayle, you didn't choose and easy one for your first. Also running Chris Lugg 2hr 16.42, Emma Flint 2hr 35.18, Caley Pearce 2hr 34.49, Judith Pyett 2hr 37.28. The weather was a fairly cool 11c with quite a wind, which was not too bad for running but a bit chilly for the club picnic afterwards.

Also running on Sunday Beckie Stonebanks  ran the Ashdown Forest 5k this weekend in a PB of 26.29 & came 5th woman &  Charlotte Menzies ran a PB of 24.53 & was 3rd woman.

Tara Twyman and Rachael Hornigold opted for a bigger challenge completing the South Downs Marathon (very hilly) in 4hours 56 mins.

Mark Slaughter competed in the karrimor great trail challenge in the Lake District. The race was 22k and Mark finished in 1hr 58 mins. The race involved two laps of a course over latrigg fell. Mark commented it was great event and would highly recommend it if you enjoy running hilly courses.

Dave Cook added some pain to his running completing the 11.5 mile tough mudder: in addition to mud a number of obsticles are thrown in including electic wires hanging down to give electric shocks to the participants. And yes Dave did pay them money for the priviledge of participating. 

Its been a busy bank holiday weekend with various races over the weekend. Over the weekend there are three races which make up the 'The Sussex Living Marathon Weekend', the East Grinstead 10 mile on Saturday, the Haywards Heath 10 mile on Sunday and the Burgess Hill 10k on Monday which makes in total the marathon distance. Martin Kennett ran all three with 1hr 29.45 at East Grinstead and 1hr 25.18 at Haywards Heath and 56.23 at Burgess Hill. Nikki Maher also ran East Grinstead in 1hr 42.40 and Burgess Hill 10k in 59.34.

The Haywards Heath 10mile is a Sussex Grand Prix Event and was well supported by the club with 7 runners in total including Martin. The runners were Mark Slaughter 1hr 11.08, Charlotte Menzies 1hr 24.12, Martin Kennett 1hr 25.18, Catherine Harker 1hr 26.32, Rebecca Stonebanks 1hr 30.47, Peter Wilkes 1hr 32.23, Sara Ballinger 1hr 41.25.

Jon and Sue Collett are the first two runners from our beginners group started in February to complete the Eastbourne Parkrun on Saturday 4 May. Jon finished in 24.42 and Sue in 30.05 Well done. Also running, and both running a PB for the Eastbourne Parkrun were Graham West 21.18 (First V50) and Brian King 23.02. 

Tanya Edmondson completed the Triathlon to finish first in the F60 category with a time of 2hr 18.08. A little further afield Hen Browne completed the Heidelberg Half Marathon.

Well done to Jason Hillier (3hr 29), Jon Waite (4hr 18) , Jo Nash (4hrs 29 PB beating her prevous time by 19mins) and Kathy Gore (5hrs 58) on completing the London Marathon.

Well done to Mark Slaughter, Tara Twyman, Chris Lugg and Rachael Hornigold on completing the Brighton Marathon. Mark ran a PB with an excellent time of 3hr 24.15. 

Hastings is a very hilly course with the main climb from 3miles to just past 7 miles, but at least you get the hills out first. It was not helped by the unusually cold weather, my car showed -1c when we got to Hastings and add to that a cold East North Easterly wind the wind chill officially was -5c. For this one back out with the winter gear, I (Graham) donned, tracksters, long sleeve top with vest over, hat and gloves. However the award for if not best dressed Uckfield Runner certainly most dressed runner goes to Racheal who managed to find at least two more layers than me in her stock of running stuff: well done Racheal (but let me know if you ran and think you can beat that). I did have to check the entry details for the date yep it was March. Still saw some runners in vest and shorts, made of tougher stuff than me, and what are they going to do when summer does come. AS always the event was well supported with over 3,000 runners and good spectator support along the full route in spite of the cold. 

Running from Uckfield were Jason Hillier 1hr 32.46, Graham West 1hr 39.33, Jo Nash 1hr 51.51, Rachael Hornigold 1hr 56.00, Sarah Ballinger 2hrs 19.39, Chris Lugg 2hrs 07.03, Ray Edmondson 2hrs 33.20, Kathy Gore 2hrs 37.44.

No picture I'm afraid Lorraine (my wife) understandibly thought it too cold to stand around taking photos: don't blame her. 

Charlotte Menzies ran the Heathfield 10k and in spite of the cold and the hills ran a PB of 48.29. Well done Charlotte

It was the Beginners Group one month birthday on Thurday 7 March. I (Graham) went along to see how the group was doing a get a photo. Really good to see the beginners group continues with strength with over 30 beginners coming along for the weekly session. The group is led by Emma Hyland (in yellow left front in the photo) who has completed the Run England leadership in running fitness which is specially aimed at beginners. The beginners caters for non runners to occasional joggers. If you wish to come along the beginners group meets every Thursday at 7.30pm at Freedom Leisure Uckfield. For further information click on the Beginners group tab above or email the address below.

We were recently mentioned on the Run England website, click here to view.

Well done to Emma for setting up a succesful group and continuing to keep everyone motivated and keen. And well done to all our Beginners for keeping it up especially on the dark winter nights.

Very cold and quite windy. Eastbourne is mostly flat but like most seafront courses the seafront is not quite long enough so you have to climb halfway to Beachy head from about 2 mile to 3.5 mile which does make the course a bit slower than Brighton. Five ran from Uckfield: Graham West 1hr 40.52, Stuart Brown 1hr 45.10, Chris Tatnall 1hr 49.02, Jo Nash 1hr 57.08, Peter Wilkes 1hr 57.59.

A bit further afield Ray Edmondson completed the Ostend to Brugges 10 mile run in 1hr 44 in Belgium. This is an end to end run, the runners are bused from Brugges to the start in Ostend to then run back to Brugges.

The joint Uckfield/Heathfield team went into the final race in fourth position just 2 points behind Eastbourne. It was cold day but dry as we ran the 5 mile undulating course of wood and field. Overall the team came third an excellent result, but more importantly 2 places ahead of Eastbounre who finished fifth thus moving the Uckfield/Heathfield Team up to joint third. Full Results

The Tunbridge Wells half marathon was also on Sunday 24 February. Running from Uckfield were Mark Slaughter 1hr 34, Tanya Edmondson 1hr 58 and Peter Wilkes 1hr 58

After being battered by the elements at Ashdown Forest the week before the Brighton half marathon was a real treat. Dry and sunny and just a little wind. From Uckfield were Garry Dalby 1hr 26.48 
Mark Slaughter 1hr 31.20, Graham West 1hr 40.07, Stuart Brown 1hr 44.18, Brian King 1hr 45.57 Ryan West 1hr 47.00, Jon Waite 1hr 49.02, Tanya Edmondson 1hr 52.10 and Kathy Gore 2hr 41.12. Full Results 

Was cold, wet and windy but we still had six turn out for the Ashdown Forest Cross Country. With best quality mud it was certainly a proper Cross Country. Running from the club were Graham, Jason, Charlotte, Catherine, Tanya and Peter. Many of you will be aware my wife Lorraine tends to be the club photographer and the cross country photographer, but today Lorraine had a yound assistant, Eva, Cathterine's daughter and to the right is the picture Eva took of Charlotte. Well done to Lorraine and Eva for enduring the weather to take the photos. 

Superb result for the joint Heathfield/Uckfield team finishing third. Full Results