Uckfield Runners (previously Utopia Runners until September 2011) caters for runners of all abilities: from beginners and joggers who just want someone to run with once or twice a week, to runners who wish to compete on a regular basis. Our members compete in events ranging from under 5k to the full marathon. We are keen supporters of the Sussex Grand Prix and the East Sussex Sunday Cross Country league. Our abilities range from those that can run a 10k in under 40 minutes to those that take over an hour and to those who wouldn’t wish to run a 10k at all. All we look for is an interest in running whether to compete or just to get a bit fitter. From the slow sure jogger to the lean mean running machine, from the under 20 to the over 60 you are welcome to come along.

We are affiliated to the UKA (UK Athletics). Membership will give you a discount at most races.

We have up to 8 sessions a week (5 in the week and up to 3 at the weekend but this depends on weekend races), 5k, 5 mile and a hills/reps session during the week and 10k/12k and 10 mile/12 mile weekend trail runs (not all weekends).    Please see the TRAINING tab for full details of the sessions.     

A summary of the session we run is as below (note in below a beginner is someone who is not yet able to run 5k.  

  1. Monday 9.30am - Dayle 5k and 5 mile options (trail with Graham) from the Leisure Centre.  Suitable for beginners onwards. 

  2. Tuesday 6.30pm - Sam (Samantha) 5k run from Freedom Leisure. Suitable for beginners onwards. 

  3. Tuesday 6.30pm - Graham structured training session from Uckfield rugby club Summer, Freedom Leisure Winter: this is not suitable for beginners but neither do you need to be 'super quick'. 

  4. Thursday 7.30pm - Chris (Christopher) 5k run from Leisure Centre. Suitable for beginners onwards.

  5. Thursday 7.00pm - Emma 5k and 5 mile options(with Graham) run from Victoria Park.  Suitable for beginners onwards. 

  6. Saturday 11am after the Uckfield Parkrun - Graham off road social run 10k to 12k from Uckfield rugby club.  Not suitable for beginners.  This is not on every week as it depends on what races are on so please check Facebook and weekly newsletter to see if the event is on.  

  7. Sunday 8.30am - Graham off road social run 10 to 12 miles from Uckfield rugby club.  Whilst this is a social run with frequent stops and regroups it is not suitable for beginners.  This is not on every week as it depends on what races are on so please check Facebook and weekly newsletter to see if the event is on.  

  8. Sunday 8.30am - Approximately Monthly see Facebook and Weekly Newsletter to see if the event is on: Sam off road social run 10k to 12k usually from Uckfield rugby club. Suitable for all abilities but do need to be able to run 10k (slowly is fine)

If you or anyone in your household feel unwell, have been tested positive for Covid or been told to self isolate then please do not attend.

Apart from the specific weekend trail runs in the summer many of the evening runs will also be off road.  Trail shoes are recommended for the trail runs in the winter.  In the winter on the last Thursday of each month there is a torch and trail run.

Please see training tab for further details of each of the above runs.      

Any of the 5k groups are suitable for non runners or beginners.  If you are a non runner initially someone will do walk jog routine with the aim of reaching the stage when you are able to jog for 45 minutes 

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Which Group?
On both Monday morning and Thursday from Victoria park there is the option of a 5k or 5 mile run.  The 5k runs will split by groups of differing abilities: these groups are suitable for beginners.  The 5 mile run will usually stay as a single group but it is a social run with plenty of re groups (especially if doing a trial run: the Monday am group is trail all year, the Thursday 5 mile is trail in the summer (when light allows (April to early September and in the winter torch and trail last Thursday of each month)

There is a structured training session on Tuesday evening for those looking to improve their general fitness further or looking to train for a race.  The session generally last over an hour and will include some warm up exercises and about 10k for running.  The sessions consist of hills or other reps.  The reps period is based on time so you do not need to be of any particular pace just looking to increase your pace: the session is as hard as you want to make it.  In the summer the reps are in Buxted Park (once a month in Ashdown Forest) and we meet 6:30pm at Uckfield Rugby club in the winter the reps are in Uckfield Town and we meet 6:30pm at Freedom Leisure.

Further information
For bit more information on what we do click on the Training or Racing tab above. For pictures from events (races and club runs) click on Photos. We are also on Facebook which will have posts from recent events and about events coming up. If you are interested in the Beginners/Joggers group click on the beginners tab above. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

The club is run by a Committee which consist of:

Emma Bussey - Chairman, Social sub committee and Thursday Victoria Park Run Leader 
Sam (Samantha) Kedwards - Social sub committee and Run Leader Tues evening 5k and Sunday 10k/12k trail run
Stephen Green - Finance Officer and Membership Secretary, Run Leader assists with Thursday 5k Victoria Park  
Graham West - Events Officer and Website and Run Leader Monday 5 mile, Tuesday Reps, Thursday Victoria Park 5 mile, Saturday 10k/12k trial run and Sunday 10/12 mil trail run 
Chris Lugg - Club kit, Welfare Officer, Social sub committee and Thursday Freedom Leisure Run Leader and assists Tues 5k run
Sarah Doole - Welfare Officer and Run Leader assists with Monday 5k, Tuesday 5k and Thurs 5k Victoria Park
Gary Chown - Social sub committee

See more photos of runners in our club here.